Physical Site Security Consultants​​

  • Access control
  • Cameras
  • Scanners
  • ID Badges
  • Guest/Visitor Logs

Secure Courier Services Throughout the Region

  • Discrete secure transport and delivery services for cash, parcels or other sensitive items
  • In town within our region, daily, weekly, or on schedule.

Threat and Security Assessments

  • Site assessments, delivery assessments
  • Employee safety 
  • Camera and other physical security placement and options

Training and Education

  • Personal and employee safety
  • FEMA/DHS approved training
  • We can find trainers for just about any topic wanted and will act as your contractor 

Covid-19 Delivery/Medication Home Delivery


Security Risk & Vulnerability Assessments
Do you need a security camera system in your home? Are your door or window locks able to keep you and your family safe and secure? Have you experienced vandalism and trespassing on your property? We provide on-site assessments and walk-throughs to help you decide what your individual needs and solutions are to safeguard your business or residence. Harvest Security Solutions prides itself on partnering up with local companies and businesses to provide security plans, price quotes, and assessments that will assist in preventing loss, damage, and will give you peace of mind.

Fingerprinting Services
Are you in need of having your fingerprints taken for a potential job, licensure, school, or personal background check? Harvest Security Solutions is able to provide Mobile Fingerprinting Services that allows an individual to complete their FD-258 fingerprint cards at their convenience. We assist with the printing and any accompanying paperwork to ensure that the process is handled professionally and effectively.

Process Service 

  • Difficult or routine we will get you documents served

Fingerprinting and Passport Services

  • Digital Fingerprints
  • Standard passport size photo

ND Carry Concealed Weapon Classes 

  • Class 1, shooting proficiency required 
  • Class 2, No shooting proficiency required and limed states honor 
  • Fingerprinting available and required
  • Identification passport picture