Static & Mobile Patrol Security
This is an ideal solution for security needs located at a specific property. Whether your location will be at an event, at your business, or in your home, our Security Officers can offer both mobile and static patrol services. We will be there helping to keep entrances and exits of your property secure, provide safety and security oversight for all individuals present, and will be patrolling your property to keep all areas secure.

​​Armed & Unarmed Security Officers
Harvest Security Services provide both armed and unarmed Security Officer services which are dictated by the circumstances.  ALL of our personnel at Harvest Security Solutions are licensed and qualified to be armed which allows us to draw from the professional training and experience that they all offer. This allows us to choose the best possible personnel and solutions for each security assignment’s needs. Depending on whichever form of security service you’d prefer in your place of worship, on your property, in your business, or surrounding you and your family, you can choose. We provide low-profile plain clothes services in this capacity to ensure that normal operations are maintained at the assigned location. Although there are often times when armed Security Officers would be recommended, based on the seriousness of violent threats or the possibility for violence or personal harm, there are also instances where unarmed Security Officers would provide sufficient protection and security services.

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Professional Security Officers

Professional Security Officers can have virtually endless uses, entirely dependent upon your individual security and protection needs. Security services provide peace of mind that a client’s assets and personnel are safe and secure. At Harvest Security Solutions, we provide all possible forms of Security services. From corporate or private workplace Security Officers, special event security, personal or corporate Executive Protection, to Place of Worship protection, Harvest Security Solutions can facilitate! With our Security Officer services, you can be assured that no matter what your specific needs are, we can meet them without a problem. We offer both the manpower and the professional experience to properly protect any event, property, or person that requires safety and protection. Whether you’re in need of a long-term security assignment or a one-time temporary security service, we can accommodate your specific needs to ensure that you remain safe without ever having to sacrifice any commitments, work responsibilities, religious activities, or otherwise.